Baumann collaborates with its client partners to develop value-added solutions for high-performance buildings that are durable, comfortable and inexpensive to operate.


Baumann Consulting (Baumann) has expertise in the commercial, institutional, educational and industrial building sectors. Baumann’s services range from energy audits, feasibility studies and development and evaluation of design concepts, to commissioning, M&V and monitoring of building performance and systems.

Founded in Washington, D.C. in 2006, Baumann has grown into a transatlantic organization which in 2013 expanded its presence to the Midwest of the United States (Chicago and Denver) and Frankfurt, Germany. “As engineers, architects, planners and consultants, we are driven to elevate high-performance buildings from a niche segment of the market to the industry standard.”


Value-added solutions for high-performance buildings

Baumann collaborates with its client partners to develop value-added solutions for green buildings that are durable, comfortable and inexpensive to operate