The wait is over – the report the Cx industry’s anticipated for 10 years!

The wait is over – the report the Cx industry’s anticipated for 10 years!

Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) is collaborating with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) to update the 2009 Evan Mills study on the value of building commissioning. The commissioning (Cx) industry’s service providers and clients have been citing this nearly decade-old study as the authoritative resource when assessing Cx costs and benefits. The 2009 study found that implementing Cx delivered median whole-building energy savings of 16% for existing buildings and 13% for new construction, with payback times of 1.1 years and 4.2 years, respectively, demonstrating Cx’s high return on investment. Stay tuned for a highly anticipated update when BCxA releases the new study in October 2018 during the BCxA Conference in Nashville, TN!

Earlier this year, Baumann Consulting assisted this study by contributing eleven case studies from our portfolio of several hundred commissioning projects. “For us, as a leading commissioning provider, it is important to participate in a survey like this to make sure the results are based on high quality, reliable, and representative data,” says Oliver Baumann, President of Baumann Consulting. “We’ve been an active member of BCxA since our company’s founding in 2006, and as a certified commissioning firm, we want to demonstrate our industry leadership not only by providing world-class services but also by sharing our experience and knowledge with the industry.”

About Baumann Consulting

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability consulting services for the entire life cycle of buildings.

Baumann Consulting has expertise in the commercial, institutional, educational, and industrial building sectors. Baumann’s services range from energy audits, feasibility studies, development, and evaluation of design concepts to commissioning, measurement, and verification (M&V), monitoring of building performance and systems, and consulting for green building certifications.

Founded in 2006, Baumann has grown into a transatlantic organization with offices in Washington D.C., Chicago, and Frankfurt, Germany. Our thoroughness and creativity combined with our depth of understanding of the entire life cycle of buildings is based on German engineering and American innovation and result in tangible improvements to energy efficiency and sustainability.