V549 BT1.7

Baumann is providing DGNB consulting, commissioning, building simulations, and sustainability services for VIERZIG549 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

VIERZIG549 is a new city quarter being constructed in the Düsseldorf district of Heerdt. There will be a public green space at the center of the new quarter surrounded by residential areas. To the northwest of the green area, there will be a five-group daycare center. Along the access roads and towards the existing commercial area, the peripheral development is 4-6 stories and 3-5 stories in the interior areas.

The building is planned as a timber hybrid construction which will have a positive effect on the CO2 footprint of the project. Moreover, the project is divided into several construction phases and this phase refers to the construction of an office building with commercial and residential space and a green courtyard.

Baumann Consulting is leading the project team through the DGNB certification process to obtain a DGNB Platinum certification. Aside from DGNB consulting, Baumann is providing the following services:

  • Commissioning of all building systems
  • Thermal Comfort & Daylight Simulation
  • Early Life Cycle Analysis
  • Building Material Consultancy

Baumann is verifying and documenting compliance for the EU taxonomy and is performing the climate risk screening in support of the ESG verification.


Düsseldorf, Germany
Wohnen, Büro
Wohnen in VIERZIG549 Düsseldorf GmbH & Co. KG
209,800 ft² | 19,500 m²
Geordnete Inbetriebnahme | Commissioning, Gebäudezertifizierungen, Energieaudit, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) und EU-Taxonomie, Technisches Monitoring, Nachhaltigkeitsberatung, Lebenszyklusanalyse (Ökobilanz), Energieeffizienzberatung, Simulationen, Tageslichtsimulation, Wärmebrückenberechnung
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