MedImmune Campus

Baumann Consulting provided retro-commissioning services for MedImmune’s Gaithersburg Campus to achieve cost-effective energy savings. Baumann verified the functional performance of the major energy-using systems while reducing the energy demand.

MedImmune is a leading research and development enterprise for global biologic. The Gaithersburg campus is comprised of ten buildings totaling almost 1.3 million ft². MedImmune Gaithersburg employs approximately 2,500 employees (as of 2017) and includes 335,000 ft² of lab space. The campus attained certification by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Superior Energy Performance (SEPTM) and ISO 50001.

The project objective was to achieve a reduction in energy usage to maintain the before-mentioned certifications. Through retro-commissioning, Baumann identified potential increased energy efficiency and energy savings.

Besides traditional onsite functional performance testing, Baumann utilized its unique Operation Diagnostics (OD) visualization methodology. By using OD, Baumann quickly and efficiently analyzed over 2,500 data points associated with over 50 systems. The OD analysis identified improvements with the potential to reduce energy use by nearly 1 million kWh per year.

Baumann also recommended changes to the chilled and hot water systems, steam distribution, and heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. If fully implemented, the recommended measures could save an estimated 3.2 million kWh per year ($365,000/year) in the total energy consumed.


Gaithersburg, MD
R&D Campus, Laboratory, Büro
AstraZeneca Group
1,300,000 ft² | 120,800 m²
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