City of Holland

Baumann Consulting created an Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP) for the City of Holland to develop the roadmap for energy demand and greenhouse gas reduction goals while providing data-driven, step-by-step roadmap for achieving their goals by 2050.

Baumann Consulting was brought on board to develop an Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP) for the City of Holland, Michigan. The IEMP is an actionable roadmap for achieving 50% energy consumption reduction in buildings, and 40% greenhouse gas emissions reduction for the city, by 2050. The plan also includes greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for the transportation sector.

Baumann analyzed the existing conditions of the city to determine building types, conditions, and current energy usage. Each building was then modeled individually to develop a detailed model for projected future energy demand.

It is projected that the City of Holland could save over $40 million through the implementation of the energy conservation measures outlined in the IEMP.

The City of Holland IEMP applies to every residential, commercial, and industrial building in the city. This scope equates to about 30-40,000 total buildings encompassing 75 million square feet of property. Reducing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by the targeted 40% by 2050 equates to 325,000 metric tons, which is comparable to the entire greenhouse gas emissions for the country of Samoa.

Holland’s adoption of this plan demonstrates the city’s commitment to achieving specific energy demand and greenhouse gas reduction targets by 2050, and thereby successfully led to the termination of plans to construct a new coal-fired power plant to meet projected future energy demand. Instead of building a new fossil fuel-driven power plant, the city will now rely on the action items outlined in the IEMP to implement building energy efficiency measures to reduce the city’s overall energy demand.


Holland, MI
City of Holland
75,000,000 ft² | 6,970,000 m²
Energiekonzepte für Kommunen, Energiekonzepte für Quartiere und Kommunen
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