AU Washington College of Law

American University’s new Washington College of Law is one of the first buildings in Washington, D.C. that utilizes chilled ceilings along with dedicated outdoor air systems.

Washington College of Law outgrew their space and planned to redevelop American University’s Tenleytown Campus. Two new wings were built while the capitol building, and the chapel was renovated. The new facility includes a parking garage, classrooms, a law library, dining services area, offices, a media control center, and law clinics. It is one of the first buildings in Washington, D.C. to utilize chilled ceilings along with dedicated outdoor air systems.

The two new Yuma and Nebraska buildings use radiant ceiling and fan coil units for space heating and cooling and a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) to provide tempered fresh air to the building. Because dehumidification is vital during humid D.C. summers, enthalpy wheels remove humidity from the incoming air and reheat the chilled air.

Baumann Consulting performed the energy simulation for EAp2 / EAc1 in EnergyPlus and the building achieved 10 LEED points. The energy use intensity was modeled at 206kWh/m² which showed a 30% energy saving over the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 appendix G baseline.

Through its services, Baumann was able to achieve the following:

  • Analyze the effectiveness of a waterside economizer
  • Model envelop and shading options for the building
  • Reduce loads to be conditioned by the HVAC
  • Increase energy savings with a dedicated outdoor air system and radiant panels (versus typical VAV reheat system)


Washington, D.C.
Higher Education
American University
300,000 ft² | 27,500 m²
Planungsoptimierung in frühen Projektphasen, Simulationen
LEED v3 NC Gold
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