Aruba Airport – Gateway 2030

Baumann Consulting provided Building Management System Implementation for the extension and upgrade of the Aruba airport. Additionally, commissioning for the HVAC systems in the existing facilities is being conducted to optimize the building operation and reduce the facilities' energy consumption.

Queen Beatrix Airport Aruba underwent a vast renovation-themed Gateway 2030. This will address the airport’s capacity constraints and increase customer experience to set the airport on a continued path of growth for the next decade ahead while pursuing the Aruba Airport Authority’s sustainability ambitions.

Baumann was hired to assist the Owner during the bidding process and review bid requisitions for completeness and correctness. The team then prepared an evaluation matrix to evaluate the selection of the Contractor. Upon the conclusion of the BMS bidding process, Baumann reviewed the BMS construction documents to ensure that they incorporated comments by the Owner to achieve a final approved design.

Baumann prepared and maintained punch lists including follow-up inspections to verify the Engineer’s acceptance of the corrected work, as well as follow-up on punch-list items. We then developed testing and commissioning criteria and activities and provided the Owner and Contractor with the BMS testing, acceptance, and checking procedures; witness all BMS testing, acceptance, and commissioning activities; and prepared reports on such activities. During the performance verification period, Baumann performed sensor verification and operation diagnostics to test and verify the functionality and performance of the BMS and all connected systems. This included a final inspection after the construction of all BMS and components including a final punch-list.

Baumann verified the provision of systems training of the new BMS for the O&M personnel. We also reviewed warranties and other contract completion documents submitted by the Contractor for their conformance to the contract documents.


Oranjestad, Aruba
Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA)
330,000 ft² | 30,658 m²
Geordnete Inbetriebnahme | Commissioning, Inbetriebnahmemanagement & Technisches Controlling für Neubauten
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