ARPA-E Rapid Building Energy

Baumann and its partner, Indoor Reality, can scan buildings using a backpack or handheld device in order to quickly and accurately create an energy model. These tools also allow Baumann to conduct energy audits and provide a virtual walkthrough of a building.

Baumann partnered with Indoor Reality, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and The University of California, Berkeley in a project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E).

The goal was to develop a rapid modeling device (RAPMOD) that can be worn as a backpack and improve the speed and quality of energy audits, deep retrofits, and retro-commissioning projects. RAPMOD collects data for an energy model, which can then be altered to simulate energy efficiency measures and predict savings.

RAPMOD enables engineers, auditors, and consultants to:

  • Create a virtual model in 15% of the time it takes to do standard manual data collection and energy model creation
  • Conduct more accurate and cost reductive energy audits
  • Create building drawings (i.e. floor plans)

In partnership with Indoor Reality, Baumann can provide scanning services with the handheld device and create a web-based “virtual walkthrough” that:

  • Allows remote engineers to virtually visit a building, reducing the time on site
  • Provides a thermal image overlay
  • Identifies missing insulation or leaky windows
  • Allows energy auditors to collect data such as equipment, lighting, add notes, and take pictures



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