Academy for Global Citizenship

Baumann is providing fundamental and commissioning, building enclosure commissioning, monitoring-based commissioning, energy model review, and net zero performance verification for both IFLI and PHIUS certifications for the Academy for Global Citizenship.

The Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) is a dual-language and International Baccalaureate public charter school providing both early childhood and K-8 education on the southwest side of Chicago, IL. It has been designed for net-zero energy, water, and waste operations to achieve the full IFLI Living Building Challenge and PHIUS certifications. The project features photovoltaic panels, ground-source heat pumps, battery storage, rainwater gardens, and on-site urban agriculture.

The new school is comprised of three long east-west volumes intersected by a perpendicular spine of flexible learning spaces. The education volumes are connected by two learning greenhouses. The southernmost volume contains a community hall and gymnasium, both of which are envisioned as active community resources. As such, this area is designed as a self-sufficient unit that can remain open beyond normal school hours.

The project is complete and open with classes underway for the Fall 2023 academic term. Baumann is providing fundamental and enhanced commissioning, monitoring-based commissioning, building enclosure commissioning, energy model review, and net-zero performance verification for both IFLI and PHIUS certifications.


Chicago, IL
Higher Education
Urban Resolve
80,100 ft² | 7,430 m²
Geordnete Inbetriebnahme | Commissioning, Inbetriebnahmemanagement & Technisches Controlling für Neubauten, Planungsoptimierung in frühen Projektphasen, Technisches Monitoring, Inbetriebnahmemanagement der Fassade, Simulationen

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