Lindleyquartier, Frankfurt Germany Baumann Consulting’s experience includes over 200 projects
ranging from commercial, educational, institutional, and
industrial buildings, to large scale projects encompassing
entire campuses, cities and counties. Our services and
expertise cover the entire lifestyle of buildings, from new
construction, through to optimized operations, and building
redevelopment and reuse.

Lang & Cie. Real Estate AG is developing the Lindley Quartier in the East of Frankfurt on the Hanauer Landstraße. The buildings are currently under construction and owned by the Amadeus FiRe AG and the Moxy Hotel.

For both buildings, Baumann Consulting was contracted to provide technical controlling and verification of the commissioning process for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and Building Management System (BMS) on behalf of the owner.

The owner mandated a sampling rate of 100% for all systems, such as fan-coils units, radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels, air handling units, air vents etc.

Some of the issues that were identified and corrected are listed below:

  • Inoperable sump pump, which could have led to water damage
  • Discrepancies of air flow rates of more than 20% for some rooms compared to the testing and balancing report
  • Several floor heating sections not operable due to defect control valves
  • Dual hot water pumps controlled for single operation only and would have led to insufficient hot water supply
  • Incorrectly installed chilled water supply temperature sensor resulted in wrong measurements
  • Dampers for smoke exhaust system were not operating correctly and could have led to safety issues
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