GW Corcoran Hall Baumann Consulting provided retrocommissioning services for The George Washington University’s historic Corcoran Hall, the facility which houses the Chemistry and Physics Departments.

Originally constructed in 1924, historic Corcoran Hall at the George Washington University now houses the Chemistry and Physics Departments and a 2,050 sq ft laboratory space. The building is listed on the District of Columbia Inventory of Historic Sites and on the National Register of Historic Places.

Renovation of Corcoran Hall consisted of the total removal of the existing fit out and services followed by the new construction of a research lab, supporting equipment room, and the associated office for the principal investigators and research assistants.

Subsequent to the renovation project, Baumann provided retrocommissioning services in order to remediate existing issues and verify the optimal and proper operation of the systems.

The renovation included the following elements:

  • Seven high performance, low volume fume hoods controlled by Phoenix Air valves
  • 100% outdoor air HVAC system with heat recovery
  • Duct reheat coils and perimeter hot water radiant panels

Through our retrocommissioning efforts, Baumann identified and resolved:

  • Condensation issues above the ceiling
  • Improper airflow control at the fume hoods
  • Inadequate cooling by the air handling unit
  • Frequent air handling unit stoppage

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