Van Ness North Cooperative

Van Ness North Cooperative Apartments in Washington, DC

The Van Ness North Cooperative, Inc. (VNNC), built in 1966, is a 16-story, 496,441 sf multi-family building in Northwest Washington, D.C. with 466 residences. In addition, the building has a three-level, 202,000 sf parking garage, and two swimming pools. In 2020, VNNC was considering the installation of a natural gas-powered co-generation/tri-generation system to meet its…

Barcroft Apartments

Barcroft Apartment Exterior

The Barcroft Apartments are a mixed-use apartment and commercial development on a 60-acre site. The complex consists of 52 two-story and three-story multifamily buildings with a total of about 1,300 units. Additionally, there are approximately ten parking garage structures, two single-story, and one two-story commercial building, and contains six restaurant/retail spaces. The buildings were constructed…

V549 BT1.7


VIERZIG549 is a new city quarter being constructed in the Düsseldorf district of Heerdt. There will be a public green space at the center of the new quarter surrounded by residential areas. To the northwest of the green area, there will be a five-group daycare center. Along the access roads and towards the existing commercial…

DCSEU 2022 Save Energy Program – Energy Audit & Analysis

Washington DC city

The District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Efficiency Utility (DCSEU) implemented the Save Energy Program to create a pool of qualified services providers for a broad range of energy efficiency services through an indefinite-quantity contract (IQC).