Meet the Trainees & Interns at Baumann

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Meet the trainees and interns of Baumann Consulting

Since 2009, Baumann Consulting has mentored over 40 trainees and interns. Educating and mentoring passionate young professionals is essential in helping, not only Baumann Consulting but our industry as a whole to grow and ever-improve. We want to foster the next generation of leaders in the A/E/C industry.

The next part of the Meet the People at Baumann series highlights the trainees and interns of Baumann Consulting. We would like to thank Yicheng, Gibson, Aamir, and Darleen for joining us during their start to their career path. We hope you gain a valuable and long-lasting experience.

Our trainee and internship programs offer a unique hands-on opportunity for young professionals. This puts young professionals on-site or within teams directly in contact with our talented team leaders. We offer programs for students and graduates in Chicago, IL, and Washington, DC in the US, and Frankfurt, Germany where we provide visa sponsorship support for international trainees. Creating a transparent and seamless program offers a more real-world experience that simulates what it is like in an accredited sustainability and engineering consultancy. Many past participants in our trainee and internship programs go on to continue working for Baumann Consulting, some of which are still with us to this day! Providing the necessary resources and insight is paramount in creating a program such as this.

We’re always looking for talented, dynamic, and dedicated people to join our team. If you are interested in our programs or have any questions, visit the Trainee and Internship Programs page.