Ajit Naik, VP and Director of Building Performance Analytics Celebrates 5th Baumann Anniversary

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Ajit Naik 5th Baumann Anniversary

Ajit Naik supports our Chicago office as a Vice President and Director of Building Performance Analytics. Ajit is a Licensed Professional Engineer and a certified Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) and Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP).

Ajit has come a long way since he joined the firm nearly five years ago as a mid-level Engineer IV. It is noticeable how much more mature and self-assured he has become with the complex and complicated tasks he handles in the projects he manages. He is also a great mentor for other junior team members and takes time to provide a deeper understanding of task assignments. Ajit is very active in industry organizations and uses this vehicle to promote the Baumann brand favorably. He has also been superb at seeking to provide a sociable office environment by suggesting outings with the team to promote bonding.

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As in previous years, I really enjoy working with Ajit and feel privileged to have opportunities for collaboration with him on so many interesting projects. I appreciate Ajit’s spirit, the professional attitude, and positive vibes he is adding to the Chicago team and companywide. Ajit is a well-respected member of the transatlantic Baumann Team.