Baumann’s Longest-Tenured Employees and Their Contributions

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With Baumann’s 15th anniversary coming up, we would like to honor the company’s longest-tenured employees – Lutz Miersch, Ben Burgoyne, and Torsten Biernat. They have not only been with Baumann for more than 10 years but have also made significant contributions to help shape the company into what it is today. Here is a quick rundown on who these exemplary employees are, their history at Baumann, and their accomplishments.

Office Director – Frankfurt
Start Year: 2007 (1st tenure), 2013 (2nd tenure)
Office: Frankfurt, Germany; Washington, DC
Past roles: Senior Mechanical Engineer & Head of MEP Group
Unique qualities: Straightforward communication; strong work ethic; highly efficient; deep HVAC expertise
Favorite Baumann project: My favorite project is the US Elementary, Middle School, and High School Hainerberg project, which is an entire campus made up of three new schools. The project involved capable design teams and efficient general contractors. The project resulted in a very happy client.
Proudest accomplishment: I am proud of having formed Baumann’s Frankfurt, Germany office and leading it since 2013, which has seen a profit almost every year.
The best thing about working at Baumann: The best thing is working with knowledgeable and motivated staff. Also, I enjoy working on interesting projects that tap into our different areas of expertise. I also like that the company adapts our services to a changing business environment.

Ben Burgoyne

VP & Director of Commissioning
Start Year: 2009
Office: Washington, DC; Frankfurt, Germany
Past roles: Commissioning & Energy Engineer, Head of Commissioning
Unique qualities: Transparent communication; international commissioning expertise; trend data analysis leader (Operations Diagnostics)
Favorite Baumann project: My favorite projects have been energy audits. It is great to act like a detective to figure out where energy is getting lost or what can be optimized. And it’s also fulfilling to be able to work together so closely with the actual building users and see the benefit we can bring.
Proudest accomplishment: I am proudest when I have been able to teach a colleague our process for analyzing building operations with trend data since I helped create the process. It is fulfilling to see that a colleague is able to utilize it to bring real value to a project.
Favorite Baumann memory: I really enjoyed our 10th-anniversary events in 2016. It was great to celebrate an accomplishment that we all took part in and to work together as a team on a party.
The Best thing about working at Baumann: There are no “politics” in our company – everyone is looking to contribute to the team’s success as best they can, and everyone is valued.

Torsten Biernat

VP & Director of Sustainability
Start Year: 2009
Office: Washington, DC
Past roles: Green Building Consultant; Head of the Green Building & Facility Management Group
Unique qualities: Great relationship-builder; Green Building expert, efficient project manager
Favorite Baumann project: I really can’t pick one, to be honest. I am lucky to work with some incredible clients on very unique projects from data centers and office spaces to mixed-use and multifamily.
Favorite Baumann memory: Getting stuck with a colleague in California in the snow with a Toyota Prius!
The Best thing about working at Baumann: I like the flexibility and trust. I also like that I have a good working relationship with all my colleagues.

Baumann’s Longest-Tenured Employees and Their Contributions